Miniature Beagles

Miniature Beagles go by many names; miniature beagles, mini beagles, pocket beagles, teacup beagles, and old English pocket beagles.  All refer to the same dog, a Beagle that has been bred to be smaller than the standard Beagle.

Size characteristics of miniature Beagles

Miniature Beagles are 7 – 12 inches tall at the shoulders.  That’s a wide range of heights but considerably shorter than the average of 15 inches for the standard Beagle.  They weigh between 7 – 15 pounds, again considerably less than the average of 25 pounds for a standard Beagle.  Besides their size and weight, all other characteristics are the same as their standard sized counterparts.

Living Conditions

Because of their smaller size, miniature Beagles are much better suited for apartment living than are standard Beagles.  Miniature Beagles require as much exercise as the full sized Beagles but their yard can be considerably smaller.  They are very active little dogs, both inside and outside. 

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They possess great stamina and require a lot of exercise.  A good brisk daily walk is very important.  Like their standard sized cousins, miniature Beagles should not be trusted off the leash because they tend to turn off their hearing and follow their noses.

Basic description

The description of the miniature Beagle is identical to that of the standard Beagle.  They are a small, hardy scent hound, sturdily and squarely built.  Miniature Beagles have a short coat that is sleek and easy to care for and comes in the typical hound colors of black, brown, red, and white.  They have long, wide pendant ears and a full nostrilled black nose with an excellent sense of smell.  They have a slightly rounded broad skull their muzzle is straight and square.  The eyes of the miniature Beagle are either brown or hazel with a characteristic pleading expression.

Temperament and training

Like their standard sized counterparts, miniature Beagles can be stubborn to train but once they learn who the Alpha dog pack leader is the process becomes much easier. They are very watchful and determined and require firm and patient training. Crate training as a method of housebreaking is highly recommended for miniature Beagles just like the standard variety. Another consideration is clicker training which will greatly shorten the training process.

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Miniature Beagles have a sweet, loving disposition and seem to love everyone!  They are very sociable, brave, and intelligent and make an ideal family pet.  They’re excellent with children and are considered to be generally good with other dogs.  They can be trusted with other household pets but only after they have been socialized.  Like standard Beagles, miniatures Beagles don’t like to be left home alone and often suffer separation anxiety.  If you’re going to be away a lot consider getting two.


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