Stop Beagle Jumping

Beagles were bred to be hunting dogs. Their job includes pursuing their prey for long stretches at a time. This work necessitated that Beagles be both strong and agile, with very high energy levels and an incredible amount of endurance.

The Beagle’s athletic abilities allow it to bound through and over thick brush while on the hunt. This is what leads to strong Beagle jumping abilities which  are quite impressive and widely known. While this is one of the many physical traits that made Beagles such great hunting dogs, it can prove disastrous when the dog is introduced into a modern household setting.

Damage and Injury

Regardless of the reason, Beagle jumping can be a serious problem. These dogs may be small but their athletic abilities make them somewhat powerful for their size.  This means that they can easily cause injury to a person and damage to property. They are also quite likely to injure themselves when jumping around in a confined or cluttered space.

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While most adult Beagles are agile enough to keep from causing massive destruction of property by accident, puppies and young dogs are especially prone to accidentally knocking things over when they’re bouncing around.

Not only can you lose some property to this type of activity, but children and older people can also easily be knocked over by a gallivanting Beagle.

Beagle Athleticism

Most of the Beagles around today don’t participate in hunting. They do still possess all of the physical attributes of their hunting forebears, however, meaning that they are extremely athletic and love to engage in physical activity.

If your dog is not getting the necessary amount of exercise, however, he will likely try and burn off some of that excess energy in an inappropriate way, like literally bouncing off the walls. Beagle jumping is often something that results from this type of situation, meaning that one good way to keep your Beagle from jumping around so much is to simply wear him out.

Of course, there are quite a few other reasons that Beagle jumping can occur. The most common reason for a dog to jump up on a person is because they are excited. You need to teach your Beagle early on not to jump up on people when he first meets them.

Unfortunately, excitement isn’t the only reason a Beagle may jump up on people. Beagle jumping is also often a way for the dog to show its dominance over a new person or animal. This is often actually only a symptom of a larger problem because a dog will only try to assert dominance if he thinks he is in charge already. It’s his way of letting newcomers know the score.

If you have already claimed your place as the pack leader, however, your Beagle will not be as likely to try and dominate other people he encounters. Instead, he will look to you for guidance, and if you accept that new person, then he will be inclined to follow your example. Your dog will also not feel obligated to protect the pack if he knows that you will, making this type of domination unnecessary.

Curbing the Jumping Tendency

Beagles are very loyal, perceptive and capable dogs and they can be a great addition to your household. Beagle jumping and other behavioral issues commonly associated with these dogs are almost always able to be controlled by careful and consistent training.

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While this type of training can be extremely effective, it is not always easy and so Beagles may not be the right dog for you if you are not an experienced dog owner. The proper training regimen, however, can make almost any Beagle a happy and welcome member of your family.


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