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My name is Clayton James and I want to welcome you to my site. You may have heard of me, I’ve been training Beagles for many years and I set up this site to help you with your Beagle problems. Feel free to check out some the great articles on Beagle training and the reviews of Beagle products that I have provided. Just click on any of the links on the left to browse the various pages.

Beagles are excellent pets

Beagles have a great temperament and are loving, sweet, and gentle making them one of the best family pets around. They quite readily socialize with children and other pets very well. Beagles are medium sized, usually no more than 25 pounds and 15 inches tall making them an ideal size for most homes including apartments. They have a smooth short-haired coat that is easy to maintain with occasional brushing and bathing. Beagles have few health problems and on average they live about 12-15 years. They are very energetic and possess great stamina and therefore they need plenty of exercise including a brisk walk at least once a day.

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Beagles can be difficult

Every Beagle owner has their share of problems. Their dogs will dig, chew, scratch, whine or bark whenever it is least convenient. Beagle training can be difficult in regards to walking them too. They are scent hounds and were bred for hunting. One of their strongest characteristics is their sense of smell. They generally can’t be trusted off-leash because they chase after whatever “prey” (i.e. your neighbor’s cat or one of the local squirrel population) they may smell. It is well known that Beagles have a stubborn nature and can be difficult to train. This stubbornness can be overcome and that’s exactly why I developed this website…to help people with their Beagle training problems.

Beagles are trainable

So, if you own a Beagle, problems are a very real possibility, especially if the dog is not properly trained from a young age. Regardless of that, I want you to know that it’s not too late for Beagle training and that’s what FreeBeagleTraining.com is all about. Beagles have minds of their own. They are determined and watchful and require patient, firm training. It is important that you are the Alpha dog to become the Beagle’s pack leader. If you haven’t already, be sure to grab my free report on Alpha Dog Training below. It includes my free bi-weekly newsletter chock full of Beagle training tips.

Beagle training can be accomplished!
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